Monday, April 14, 2003
I've always enjoyed reading Thomas Friedman of the NY Times (one of the things in the Times that I do enjoy). His column in yesterday's issue was a great example of Friedman at his best. He talks about America not being at war just with Saddam, but with Saddamism, which he defines as "an entrenched Arab mind-set, born of years of colonialism and humiliation, that insists that upholding Arab dignity and nationalism by defying the West is more important than freedom, democracy and modernization." Saddam is a perfect example of this mindset. I've often been amazed during this war at how little Saddam would have had to have done to avoid it and go on living a life of more than just wealth and privilege, but a life of nearly absolute control over 23 million people. He was willing to give all of that up rather than be seen as knuckling under to the West on disarmament. Go figure.  
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