Monday, May 05, 2003

California, the Irrelvant

An article called "The Left-out Coast" in May 12th issue of The Economist argues that California is stuck in a time-warp. Depending on the generation, the time-warp is either the 1990s or, worse, the 1960s. Being out of touch with the war on terror because of their geo-political isolation has left them wondering what everyone on the East coast is worrying about and created a larger rift between Californians and the rest of the nation on the war in Iraq. The article credits some of the problem on degree-less celebrities who have access to the media far out of proportion to their knowledge on anything. I've voiced that same concern on this weblog. Odds are that high-tech will come back from its current attention-grabbing hiatus with a bang sometime in the future and America will once again turn to California as a leader. Still, for now, California is basking in the bliss that only ignorance can instill.  
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