Monday, June 16, 2003

Capitol Watch: Steele Gone

This is old news to many of us who work on Capitol Hill each day, but Senator Dave Steele has resigned his Senate seat. Steele was a long-time eGovernment player in Utah, although in recent years his leadership of the ITC had not yielded much fruit. I'd heard that Senate leadership wasn't very happy about that and so I wasn't surprised when he didn't retain leadership of the newly created UTC. This change in leadership could give Richard North, of the Legislative Research staff, greater power and leverage. Word was that Steele kept some of North's wild-eyed tendencies in check. For example, North tried to appoint himself "Executive Director" of the ITC several years ago with a change to the committee's stationary and was slapped down. I hope the new committee leadership has been briefed on his antics.

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