Friday, February 06, 2004
Howard Dean is Pets.com

A marvelous article at AlwaysOn on how Howard Dean is just like pets.com. You should read it. Here's a piece:

And like Pets.com, which was able to attract money from some of the most famous investors, even at its peak, the Howard Dean for President campaign was able to attract an endorsement from Al Gore precisely at its peak. According to the Iowa Electronic Markets, Gore bought Dean (IOWA: DEAN) on December 9 at 36—and as of Feb 3, Dean was trading at only 5—meaning DEAN lost 86% of its value in less than two months. Can you say dot-bomb?

In a way, I'm sorry to see him go. Dean would have been interesting, even if he'd won, I would have enjoyed watching him. Kerry is boring and Bush is going to crush him. Hasn't the Democratic Party learned that the country doesn't want a president from Massachusetts, unless maybe its Mitt?

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