Tuesday, February 24, 2004
Utah.gov Wins Best of Breed

Reading Fletcher's blog, I notice that the Utah.gov portal won the Center for Digital Government's "Best of Breed" award. According to press release from NIC.

Named the nation's top state government Web site in the 2003 Best of the Web competition, Utah.gov epitomizes the best in its breed by combining innovative technology with first-rate customer service. Revamped and redesigned last year, Utah.gov uses XML, the standard language for displaying data on the Web, to effectively manage content on its home page. Utah's portal is also the first state in the nation to offer around-the-clock support by phone, e-mail, or live chat. Additionally, Utah.gov uses Web services for many of its interactive applications. Web services are individual functions that, when stitched together, can create enterprise-level applications, such as Utah.gov's OneStop Business Registration, which combines federal, state, and local processes into a single, easy-to-use online service.

At the close of 2003, Utah.gov boasted more than 100 interactive applications, hosted 76,000 unique page visits a day, and processed an average of 183,000 online transactions a month.

"We went for broke last year," said Utah CIO Val Oveson. "Former governor Mike Leavitt and I wanted a portal that would transform the way the state interacts with its citizens. We wanted a portal that was 24/7, high tech, and now. Utah.gov delivered."

Congratulations to Oveson for his leadership and his team for an outstanding effort. If anyone questioned Leavitt's decision to make him CIO, this has to make them stop and think twice. Under his leadership, Utah has risen to digital prominence.

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